SUNCHARIOT/SANGRENETOR split pro-tape now available for purchase! BARREN EAVE demo also available!

Thanks to BLUD AUK of Canada, Brotherhood of Light Recordings is proud to present the release of SUNCHARIOT / SANGRENETOR split pro-tape. Each project with about 10 minutes of Vinlandic Heathen Black Metal! Now available for purchase of 7 USD(without shipping).

Also in stock from BLUD AUK is the debut tape of BARREN EAVE. A New Vinlandic Black Metal Attack from Southern California, paying homage to the Great Blaze Birth Hall! BARREN EAVE just played at the TORMENT IS FLESH Volume 2 in Portland, Oregon on Feb 7th. This tape is also available for purchase of 7 USD (with shipping).


order requests to :



Distro Update: A.M.F. Productions

5 more tape releases are available for purchase on the Mail-order Distro page, from After Many Funerals Productions of Bulgaria


– FUNERAL FOREST(FRA/BUL) / RAVAGAR(NETHERLANDS)Der Anfang des Hasses und des Übels” split tape

– HAKENKREUZ NOKTURNA(ITALY) “Eternal Introspective Winter” compilation tape

– INMITTEN DES WALDES(BRAZIL) “Traum und Sehnsucht” compilation tape

– URUK HAI(AUS) / SYMBIOSIS(ITALY) “United/ Symbiosis” split tape

– VVRIKA / TWILIGHT / RAVAGAR / DWARKA(NETHERLANDS) “Thinking Feeling Willing” 4 way split tape


Each tape is 6 usd without shipping. Send order requests to:

Distro update:Winter Solace Productions

All below Winter Solace releases are now available for purchase through Brotherhood of Light Mail-order Distro Store page. End of Year sale is over and there are no more sales at the moment, but expect a very big distro update from Werewolf Promotion in the next week or two along with all the most recent releases from Brotherhood of Light projects on Werewolf Promotion. Also another distro update with new A.M.F. titles should be posted very soon also.


– Jugra “Jugra” cd

– Jugra “Alif Ba Ta” pro-tape

– Wiking1940 “Destruction Of Dresden” pro-tape

– Einsatzgruppen “Sworn To Blood” pro-tape

– Hassiem “Pancea For A Cursed Race” pro-tape

– Jugra/Maharlikan Konektion “Malayan Nusantara Maharlikan Unity” pro-tape

– Jugra/Totenkopf “Bonded by Iron Blood & Iron Will” tape

– Faustgeist “Archeorancidity” tape

– Cosmic Weapon Of Thule/Ra-Goa’ uld “Space Is The Place For The Aryan Race” tape

– Ra-Goa’ uld “Talbet Tok Ra” tape

– Weisse Terror tape


CDs= 10 usd, PRO-TAPEs= 7 usd, and TAPEs= 6usd

send all order requests to

New releases from COSMIC BREATH and SURT thanks to Winter Solace Productions!

Thanks to Winter Solace Productions, COSMIC BREATH is proud to announce the release of their 2nd full length “the pull on the line taking us all away”, on tape and pro-cdr and split tape with FAUSTGEIST. Here is small description for “the pull on the line taking us all away”,

“This full length “The Pull On The Line Taking Us All Away” is a deep blackened noise dirge that will challenge and enchant the listener. This is not a black metal album, nor really is it in the traditional sense a Noise or Power Electronics album as the point of this is not so much annihilate the listener as it is to suspend them into a unique and bizarre void.”

SURT is proud to announce a 3-way split tape release with JUGRA and COSMIC WEAPON OF THULE, entitled “Evisceration Of Sino Pseudo-Reality”. Each band with about 10-15 min of music. Here is description,

“Jugra, as a musical entity is evolving into one of NS black metal’s most unique acts, becoming something that is truly original and forging new pathways into uncharted territory. As can be evident by the other projects on this split tape, this is an entirely neo-folk/industrial recording. While making other releases in black metal & RAC, this marks the first Jugra release playing traditional folk tunes from their region of Malaysia. North American & European record stores call this “World Music” however the direction here is definitely folk/traditional in nature.

The Cosmic Weapon of Thule tracks are remakes of various Irish/American folk songs/IRA battle cries. While I explored these types of sounds with the Vinland Special Services project, I desire as become better at making music to rework some of these as things that are more recognizable as sounds, rather then Outsider Power Electronics. One original track paying tribute to the folklore of an area of Wisconsin I used to have to travel to for work was also made as an intro to one of the songs. This CwoT release is different from the others in the discography as it is completely devoid of the NS Techno chauvinism.

Within the Brotherhood of Light collective, Surt has always been the most overlooked out of all that is there as it is not metal music. Ambient/Folk acoustic music that veers into Dungeon Synth territory on a few occasions. This material was recorded around the same time frame/sessions as the first two demos before the split with Uruk-Hai.”


All 3 releases will be available for purchase in the next week or two. Check back to see availability. Here are sample you tubes with 1 song from each band from the 3-way split “Evisceration Of Sino Pseudo-Reality”.




Pre-orders for new LASCOWIEC cds and all new Werewolf Prom. releases of Brotherhood of Light projects!

Greetings Supporters!

We are now accepting pre-orders for the following items,

-SUNCHARIOT “The Path Of Desolation” tape
-SUNCHARIOT “Songs of the Past from Beyond” tape
-PANZERJAGER “The Will to Survive” tape
-PANZERJAGER “Nuclear Streets!” tape
-LLYR “Revolution Tides” tape
-HAAR “Betrayal of the Blood” tape

-LASCOWIEC “A Warcry Rises Above the Frozen Lands” cd
-LASCOWIEC “Isolation” cd
-LASCOWIEC “Winds of Victory” cd
-LASCOWIEC “Survival” cd

CDs=10 usd, TAPEs=6usd

All orders will receive a conformation email, with the list of items, a total, and directions for payment through PayPal.  We should be able to start shipping these pre-orders by mid- January.


Send pre-order/email requests to:

Include list of items and shipping address.lascowiec flyer

Last copys of LLYR “Heathen” and “Undying Soldier” tapes


After a recent supporter inquired about all and any LLYR releases that were available, We decided to let go of the last copys of each of these tapes. We only have 4 or 5 copys left of each one. Each tape 6 usd without shipping.

     send orders requests to:

Also expect any day now, LLYR “Revolution Tides”, debut full length tape. Recorded during 2014 and recently released by Werewolf Promotion. Soon to be available in our distro!!!

Also we have a few copy to sell of this awesome pro-tape,

EUNUCH “Winter 2013 Electronic Manifestation” from C.W. Productions.

Electronic noise/insanity from Bizarre Culprit of CIRRHUS and INHUMAN HUMOR.

Fucking punishing Noise/sampler attack!




Last Chance!


Just found a few copys of SVETOVID “Nature’s Fury” tape and a few more copys of PANZERJAGER “S/T” tape. They are definitely the last copys. If interested place orders through,

Also, sorry to say, but SIRIUS/COSMIC BREATH split tape is officially sold out. Winter Solace Productions should still have a few copies. Klaxon Records and Nuclear War Now! will both have 5 copys each also, within a month or 2. So check with any of these labels to get your copy before they are all gone! Links for each label on the links page.

SVETOVID will be releasing their 3rd album, “Waiting for the End”, recorded in 2013(except for one track, “The Crisis”, recorded in 2018), under the Banner of Werewolf Promotion and France d’Oil Prod.!!! Both a double cd version and a double tape with slipcase will be released this Winter!

LASCOWIEC will be releasing cd versions of last their last 4 epic full lengths of true Vinlandic Dark Arts, “Winds of Victory”, “A Warcry Rises Above the Frozen Lands”, “Survival”, and “Isolation”, also under the Great Banner of Werewolf Promotion! Planned release time… also this Winter!

Expect at least 4 new tape releases from Brotherhood of Light, also this Winter!!!




Distro update. 8 new available tapes from Rites for Immortality and After Many Funerals Productions of Bulgaria!!!



From R.F.I. and A.M.F. we have 8 new tapes available,

– FORESTDOME (Spain)”forestthrone” compilation tape A.M.F. Prod.

– FUNEREAL MOON (Mexico)”Beneath the Cursed Light of a Spectral Moon” compilation tape Rites for Immortality

– GNIEU (Belarus) “Dein” full length tape A.M.F. Prod./ Voices Defying Death

No Description Necessary!

– MOVIMENTO D’AVANGUARDIA ERMETICO (Italy) “Alle frontiere dell’ Anima” ep tape A.M.F. Prod.

– NAMTAR (Italy)”De Morte” compilation tape Rites for Immortality

– PERTERRICREPUS (Slovakia)” The Dark Age of the Carpathia” full length tape A.M.F. Prod.

– WANGELEN (Chile) “El camino pagano” compilation tape A.M.F. Prod.

RECOMMENDED! Chilean Folk Black Metal with orchestral intros,outros and extremely talented musicianship and production. This tape has 2 full lengths on it, side A holding “El camino del creator” created in 2010. Side B holding “La Rise Pagana”, created in 2008.

– YAMATU “Shurpu Asaru” compilation tape Rites for Immortality

Vinlandic Occult Black Metal, compilation of their recordings, dating back to the 90s.



new distro items from C.W. Productions!

-BILIRUBIN “S/T” demo mc C.W. Productions

-INHUMAN HUMOR/ CIRRHUS split ep pro-tape C.W. Productions


(featuring Cirrhus,Taut, Bilirubin, Kurgan, Kestrel, Inhuman Humor, Furdidurke, Eunuch, and Amofas)

Free Tape Deal!

Attention all supporters of Black Metal, Death Metal, Metal and Noise!!! if you are a first time customer, Brotherhood of Light, is offering 1 free tape (of your own choosing) with your first purchase/order from our distro/store.

Also any and all orders that are 40 dollars and over, you can also receive 1 free tape (of your choosing). To clarify:

First time orders= 1 free tape (of the customers choice from the distro/store list)

all orders over 40 usd(that add up to more then 40 without shipping)= 1 free tape (of the customers choice from the distro/store list)


Available now! LLYR/LOST split ep mc, and COSMIC BREATH “Becoming the Shadows” debut full length mc!

As Indian summer begins in San Francisco, a general feeling of disgust as another dirge(day) is done and Brotherhood of Light is proud to officially release these monuments of hate:

-LLYR/LOST split ep tape
Both projects are solo black metal projects, each project, separately, executing 1 ominous intro and 1 epic song of misanthropy, hate, suicide, pain, and love. Members of LASCOWIEC,SVETOVID,SUNCHARIOT… Originally printed in small amount with slightly different cover. The main image, used for both covers,  is a painting by GHOUL. This tape is limited to 100 units.

-COSMIC BREATH “Becoming the Shadows” debut full length tape

Finally this release has officially released. A few copies with same cover but different insert designs were sold/traded, but never properly distributed. So after reprinting the inserts, this is finally available. 41 minutes equaling 2 sides aka 6 hymns of hate filled, soul-sucking dirge/industrial heathen noise. Limited to 75 units


Each tape is 6USD without shipping. email :

for orders. Pay pal is only payment method,unless we meet in person. this only applies to people in Bay Area. Please include your address when ordering, to calculate shipping. 

Both of these releases, previously thought to be sold out, but cleaning out storage, We found. ample copies of both these releases. Trade, orders, and any questions:

File source: //

Due to problems with the printing process, LLYR/LOST split inserts need to be re-done. That release will be available next week.


orders or questions:

New Arrivals for DISTRO from N.W.N. and Winter Solace, and back stock update! 3 new BHOL releases!

All new Brotherhood of Light releases are red.

All the new arrivals from Nuclear War Now are yellow.

All new arrivals from Winter Solace are gold.

All new arrivals from Lykoria are orange.

And everything white is back stock. Everything you see on this page is available for purchase if you go to the bottom of the page, there is directions for ordering.

CDs=11 usd without shipping

– BLACK WITCHERY “Evil Shall Prevail” demo compilation cd Nuclear War Now
– BLASPHEMY “Victory (Son of the Damned) lp cd Nuclear War Now
– GOATPENIS “Anesthetic Vapor” lp cd Nuclear War Now
– LURKER OF CHALICE “Lurker of Chalice” lp cd Nuclear War Now
– MORBOSIDAD “Corona de Epidemia” lp cd Nuclear War Now
– RITES OF THY DEGRINGOLADE “The Blade Philosophical” lp cd Nuclear War Now

MCs and PRO-MCs= MCs are 6 usd and PRO-MCs are 7.50

– 88 “Rehearsal 2” demo mc War Kommand Prod.
– 88 “Rehearsal 3” demo mc War Kommand Prod.
– 88 “War Eagle” lp mc Winter Solace
– AESIR “Wotanism” lp mc Werewolf Prom./ Sword prod.
– AKASHAH “Dance of the Beltaine Fire” lp mc Werewolf Prom./ Terrorwolfe Prod.
– BELTAIN “Rehearsal MMXI” demo mc Ancient Order
– BLODTRU “En Nat I Odins Tegu” demo mc Winter Solace Prod.
– BUSTUM “The Return of Hate” lp mc Werewolf Prom.
– CRIPTA OCULTA “Rios que correram…rios que secaram” lp mc A.M.F. Prod./ Titan Woods
– DARK TYMFRISTOS “and wolf remarked the ancient path of winter-forest…” demo mc self-released
– FROST “Hope?” ep pro-mc War/ Stomp Records
– FROST “âme trouble”ep mc Werewolf Prom./ Winter Solace
– HAKENKREUZ NOKTURNA “Eternal Introspective Winter” lp mc A.M.F. Prod.
– HALL OF THE WOLF “In the cold and fierce lands…” lp mc Winter Solace
– HATE FOREST “Purity” mc self-released
– HOLOCAUSTUS “Virus” ep mc Winter Solace
– JEWISH JUICE “Fourth Reich” lp mc Winter Solace
– JUGRA “Jugra” lp pro-mc Winter Solace
– JUGRA “Alif Ba Ta” lp pro-mc Winter Solace
– KHORS “Return to Abandon” lp mc Werewolf Prom./Winter Solace Prod.
– LLYR/LOST ep split mc Brotherhood of Light
– LORD FOUL “The Forest That Runs in The Veins of Doom” ep mc Winter Solace
– LORD FOUL/ SACRO GOAT “The Forest in the Brotherhood Darkness” ep split mc Winter Solace
– MALSAINT “Anti- Islamist Proselytism” lp mc Winter Solace
– MARBLEBOG/ DRAUGERZ split ep pro-mc Folterkammer Records
– MATRIMONIVM “Chilean Baphoment” compilation mc Winter Solace
– MOENEN OF XEZBETH “Ancient Spells of Darkness” lp pro-mc Nuclear War Now
– RUNES’ WHISPER “Eternal Winter” lp mc Winter Solace
– SLAVECRUSHING TYRANT “Slavecrushing Tyrant” lp mc Werewolf Prom.
– THORNE “Ekpyrosis and Restitutio in Pristinum Status” lp mc Brotherhood of Light
– WINTER DELUGE “As the Earth Fades into Obscurity” lp + bonus ep mc Werewolf Prom.
– WINTERCOLD “Lost Wolf” lp mc Winter Solace
– WORLDSCAPE:18 “Coma” lp mc Brotherhood of Light (reissue with new cover, limited to 36)
– VANYAR “Returning to Woden’s Stone” lp mc Winter Solace
– VIA DOLOROSA/ JUGRA “Italian/ Malay Uprising” ep split mc Winter Solace
– VIA DOLOROSA/ ECCE HOMMO “From The Past You Can Find Your Inner Truth” ep split mc Winter Solace
-ЯР (BLR) “Агонь Купальскi” mc A.M.F. Productions

How to order

  1. All orders are made by emailing: (DO NOT SEND PAYMENT TO THIS EMAIL)
  2. In this email provide: a) which items you want to buy ,b) your address, to calculate shipping, and c) Pay pal is only conduit for payment. So be prepared to pay as soon as you receive email confirmation for your order with the total, including shipping. d) Do not try to order by pre-emptivly order my sending your pay pal orders to crg.bhol@yahoo , THAT IS NOT MY EMAIL FOR PAY PAL. When We have calculated your shipping and total it with the items you are purchasing, We will send you our pay pal address for payment.



Today July 4, 2018, is the official release date for the 2 latest SUNCHARIOT full lengths. SUNCHARIOT “The Path of Desolation” was recorded mostly in 2014, with a few adjustments in 2016-17. SUNCHARIOT “Songs of the Past from Beyond” was recorded in 2017. Both of these albums are available for purchase as digital download:

And both full lengths are to be released on cassette by Werewolf Promotion in the coming days…

Werewolf Promotion:

Brotherhood of Light contact:


Thanks to Werewolf Promotion and France d’Oil Productions, I proud to announce SVETOVID “Valhallan Dreams” and “Nature’s Fury” reissued on CD formatt!!! “Valhallan Dreams” recorded in 2009-2010 and “Nature’s Fury” recorded in 2012 it has almost been 10 since the start of SVETOVID. SVETOVID is proud and thankful their support from these great labels in reissuing these Heathen Black Metal albums.

CDS are 10 usd without shipping.

send orders to:

please include you address so we can calculate shipping.

Important notice!



Are back in stock. Distro update soon.


Brotherhood of Light is in the process of finishing printing most of all the releases previously planned. the following releases should be finished in the next week, if not may be another week


Compilation of “Ragnorak” tape, “Muspellshemir”tape, and unreleased “Days of Sadness and Death” all recording during the same sessions in 2009-2012.


A split between side projects that invokes the ancient Pagan spirits!



Like Worldscape18 “Hunter”( diminishing amounts of this left..), “Coma” is abrasive in a very infected way that penetrates your head in uncomfortable ways if you play it at proper volumes. Technical Infection Harsh Noise.

copies of


still available!