This page is merely a reference page. Discography/history of Brotherhood of Light Recording’s releases since our beginning in mid 2009.

-BHOL01- SURT “Muspellsheimr” tape (sold out)

-BHOL02- SURT “Ragnorak” tape (sold out)

-BHOL03- SUNCHARIOT “Climbing the Avalanche” tape (sold out)

-BHOL04- URUK HAI/ SURT SPLIT tape (sold out)

-BHOL05- BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT compilation tape (sold out)

(Aryan Art, Svetovid, Surt, Uruk Hai,Vinland SS, Lord Foul, Lascowiec, Sunchariot, Cosmic Breath 88)

-BHOL06- COSMIC BREATH 88 “Cosmic Breath 88” tape (sold out)

-BHOL07- COSMIC BREATH 88 “The Stench of Life” tape (sold out)

-BHOL08- SUNCHARIOT “Sun Cross(Blood Honor and Strength)” tape (sold out)

-BHOL09- COSMIC BREATH/ SIRIUS split tape (sold out)

-BHOL10- HAAR “Sky of Grey” debut demo tape

-BHOL11- DOMUS MACTIBILUS demo tape (sold out)

-BHOL12- SVETOVID “Nature’s Fury” tape

-BHOL13- LASCOWIEC “Frostwinds of the Apocalypse” tape

-BHOL14- LASCOWIEC “Isolation” tape

-BHOL15- LASCOWIEC “Survival” tape

-BHOL16- WORLDSCAPE:18 “Hunter” tape

-BHOL17- SUNCHARIOT “Sun Cross (Blood Honor and Strength)/ Climbing the Avalanche” compilation tape

-BHOL18- COSMIC BREATH “Becoming the Shadows” debut full length tape

-BHOL19- LLYR/ LOST split tape


-BHOL21- SUNCHARIOT “Swirling Sunwheel of Everlasting Life” tape (sold out)

-BHOL22- ASHEN HUSK “All We Hold Sacred” debut demo pro-tape

-BHOL23- COSMIC BREATH “Five Pointed Snow Mounds”ep and first demo reissue tape

-BHOL24- BOREAL WIND “Ultima Thule” tape (sold out)

-BHOL25- THORNE “Let Their Ruins Be Our Trenchs” promo-demo tape (sold out)

-BHOL26- THORNE “Ekpyrosis and Restitutio in Pristinum Status”  full length tape

-BHOL27- T.B.A.

-BHOL28- EXCIDIUM “Bajo el Viento Incesante” debut demo tape

-BHOL29- LLYR “Undying Soldier” demo tape (sold out)

-BHOL30-  SUNCHARIOT “Bone Harvester” full length tape (in progress, co-release with Werewolf Prom.)

-BHOL31- LLYR “Heathen” demo tape (Sold out)

-BHOL32- WORLDSCAPE:18 “Coma” full length tape ( 2 different covers of this release, 1st pressing sold out)

-BHOL33- ASTARIUM “Epoch of Tyrants” tape

-BHOL34- ASTARIUM “Hyperborea” tape

-BHOL35- VANAHEIMR “One Great Day” tape

-BHOL36- SALE FREUX “Vindilis” full length pro-tape (sold out)

-BHOL37- SALE FREUX “Trouvère a heures perdues” pro-tape

-BHOL38- HADAK URA “Ten Arrows from the Sky/ Weep at the Glorious Shrines of Nature” compilation pro-tape

-BHOL39- NACHTGEBLUT “Dying Echoes of a past forlorn” tape

-BHOL40- UNTERBOREA “Unreaching Soul” demo tape

-BHOL41- UNTERBOREA “Forever Departed” 2nd demo tape

-BHOL42- VRILDOM “Terra Australis Ignota” tape (coming soon!)

-BHOL43- T.B.A.

-BHOL44- WUDUWESTEN “The Bleak Forest of Sorrow” tape

-BHOL45- HADAK URA “Monumental Winter” tape

-BHOL46- T.B.A.

-BHOL47- USURPR “Era of Conquest” demo tape

-BHOL48- SWERDTHEGAN “Rally Around the Banner of Our Blood” full length pro-tape

-BHOL49- INTERNAL PURGATORY “s/t” compilation tape


-BHOL51- AMMANAS “Omen Ex Tenebrosum” debut full length tape

-BHOL52- T.B.A.

-BHOL53- HADAK URA “A Múlt az élet Vére” splits compilation tape

-BHOL54- T.B.A.

-BHOL55- T.B.A.

-BHOL56- SEVERE STORM “The Awakening” full length pro-tape (coming early 2021)

-BHOL57- NIEDFYR/NECRO FOREST/1389 “Hyperborean Battlefields” 3 way split CD (coming early 2021)

-BHOL58- SACRIFICIA MORTUORUM “Railler L’Hymen des Siècles” full length pro-tape (coming early 2021)

-BHOL59- UMBRIVAGO SOMBRIO debut demo tape (coming mid 2021)

-BHOL60- FUROR “Ice Doctrine” full length pro-tape (coming soon!)

-BHOL61- ALÉM-HOMEM “A Voz do Além-Tempo” ep tape (coming soon!)

-BHOL62- SOTURNO “s/t” full length tape (coming soon!)

-BHOL63- ASTARIUM “Solar Despair” full length tape (coming mid 2021)

-BHOL64- T.B.A.

-BHOL65- PANZERJAGER/AESIR “War Chants for Ragnarök” split tape (coming soon!)

-BHOL66- T.B.A.

-BHOL67- T.B.A

-BHOL68- T.B.A.

-BHOL69- T.B.A.

-BHOL70- THULE DER SUR “Four Meditations Under the Polar Star” demo tape (coming soon!)

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