Contact/Ordering instructions

To Order/Purchase:

Step 1) send email to : , with list of items you wish to buy, and your address so we can calculate shipping.

Step 2) You will receive an email confirmation with your order details( items you are purchasing, your address( to double check), and a total price, which will include the shipping. Along with these you will receive our pay pal id.

Step 3) Send total payment via pay pal to our pay pal i.d. you received in the same email as the total price for your purchase.

Please dont add any other notes,  just make sure you include your email address that you used originally to make the order. (this is important if it is different from your pay pal i.d.)

Step 4) Once payment is received, in full, you will receive another email confirmation with your tracking number and any other information pertinent to your order.

Step 5) Once received, email us that you got your pack. cheers!



-General questions about label and bands, etc.

-Submissions are welcome, but We like to hear them in stereo on a stereo/boombox. So to make a submission, one would first have to contact us and ask what the next steps are.