Available Releases

All new releases  are in red and italics.

All releases in blue are SOLD OUT!

BHOL 01 Surt-”Muspellsheimr” mc

BHOL 02 Surt “Ragnorak” mc

BHOL 03 Sunchariot “Climbing the Avalanche” mc

BHOL 04 Uruk hai/ Surt split mc

BHOL 05 Brotherhood of Light Compilation mc

(Aryan Art, Svetovid, Surt, Uruk Hai,Vinland SS, Lord Foul, Lascowiec, Sunchariot, Cosmic Breath 88

BHOL 06 Cosmic Breath 88″Cosmic Breath 88″ mc

BHOL 07 Cosmic Breath 88 “The Stench of Life” mc

BHOL 08 Sunchariot “Sun Cross( Blood Honor and Strength)” mc

BHOL 09 Cosmic Breath/ Sirius split mc

BHOL 10 Haar “Sky of Grey” mc

BHOL 11 Domus Mactibilus “Domus Mactibilus” mc

This is now official release with more songs.

BHOL 12 Svetovid “Nature’s Fury” mc

BHOL 16 Worldscape:18 “Hunter” mc

BHOL 22 Vinland Special Services “Cemetery Without Crosses” mc

BHOL 23 Vinland Special Services/Cosmic Breath “Hanoi Hilton/Five Pointed Snow Mound” mc

BHOL 27 Cosmic Breath “Becoming the Shadows” mc

BHOL 28 Domus Mactibilus “Voyage”

BHOL 29 Llyr “Undying Soldier” mc

BHOL 30 Worldscape:18/Cosmic Breath “For Whites Only!” mc 

BHOL 31 Llyr “Heathen” mc

BHOL 37 Llyr/Lost split mc

-Lascowiec “Frostwinds of the Apocalypse” Dark Hidden Productions cd

-Lascowiec “Unbroken Spirit” Werewolf Promotions 139/Hammerbund 21 mc

-Lascowiec “Unbroken Spirit” Werewolf Promotions cd

-Lascowiec/Marblebog/Verzivator “Deep Horizens of Eternity” mc

-Lascowiec/Marblebog/Verzivator “Deep Horizens of Eternity” cd

-Gnieu/Lascowiec “In the Blizzards Rage”A.M.F 055/ WS115/WW130 mc

-Svetovid “Valhallen Dreams” Werewolf Promotions 140/Hammerbund 22 mc

-Sunchariot “Warrior of the Winds” Winter Solace 104  pro-mc/cd

-Panzerjager “Panzerjager” mc

Coming Soon

BHOL13 Lascowiec “Frostwinds of the Apocalypse” mc

BHOL 14 Lascowiec “Isolation” mc

BHOL 15 Lascowiec “Survival” mc

BHOL 17 Pagan Hellfire ep. mc (t.b.a.)

BHOL 18 Sunchariot/Sivyi Yar “Frozen Twilight of Eternity” split mc


BHOL 20 Panzerjager “Nuclear Streets!” mc

BHOL 21 Sunchariot “Swirling Sunwheel of Everlasting Life” mc

BHOL 24 Boreal Wind “Ultima Thule” mc

BHOL 25 Thorne “Let Their Ruins be Our Trenches” mc


BHOL 32 Worldscape:18 “Coma” mc

BHOL 33 Llyr “Revolution Tides” mc

BHOL 34 Sunchariot “The Path Of Desolation” mc

BHOL 35  Vanaheimr “One Great Day” mc

BHOL 36 Albatros (t.b.a) mc



BHOL CD 01- Svetovid “Valhallan Dreams”

BHOL CD 02- Svetovid “Nature’s Fury”

Llyr “Lost and Forgotten” mc (The first album also,previously unreleased LLYR) Steel Blazes

Sunchariot “Climbing the Avalanche” reissue mc with a bonus songs. Winter Solace 102 (Summer 2013)

Surt “Riding through the Fields of Ancient”reissue mc, with both first demos,
“Ragnorak” and “Muspellsheimr”, Winter Solace 132 (t.b.a.)



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