2 new tape releases coming out Summer Solstice, June 20th, 2020 / Distro Update

These 2 Brotherhood of Light Recordings tape releases will be available for purchase on and after June 20th, 2020 aka Summer Solstice.


– SALE FREUX “Trouvére á heures perdues” full length pro-tape Brotherhood of Light Recording/ Winter Solace Productions song sample

Rural French Misanthropic Black Metal. 2019 full length.



– AMMANAS “Omen Ex Tenebrosum” debut full length tape Brotherhood of Light Recordings song sample

Russian Satanic Black Metal. Amazing production quality. 


Distro Update


– FLAMEN “Supremo Die” debut ep tape A.M.F. Productions/ Voices Defying Death

Debut recording from this amazing Italian Pagan Black Metal project. This debut ep features Alexander Ivanov from ARYAN ART performing the lead vocals and Bartlett Green performing all the instruments and production. Amazing debut recording!!!

– LASCOWIEC “Frostwinds of the Apocalypse” full length tape Werewolf Promotion/ Brotherhood of Light Recordings

2nd full length.

– MALÉFICE “Rencontre avec le bête” full length pro-tape Winter Solace Productions

2nd full length with new re-mastered sound specifically for this pro-tape version of the album.

– RACHE “Vril’s Soldiers” demo pro-tape Winter Solace

Debut demo this Brazilian Radikal NSBM project.

– SVETOVID “Nature’s Fury” full length tape Werewolf Promotion/Brotherhood of Light Recordings

2nd full length.



– LORD FOUL “XVII Anos de Culto ao Primitivo Cru, Som Para Satan” compilation CD Winter Solace Productions

Demos compilation from this Southern NSBM project.

– IUDAEORUM MORTEM / RAVENDARK’S MONARCHAL CANTICLE “Polish/ Brazilian Bestial Terror of War” split CD Winter Solace Productions

2019 split.


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