Out Today!!! NACHTGEBLÜT “Dying echoes of a past forlorn” full length tape! INTERNAL PURGATORY “s/t” demos compilation tape! and small webstore update featuring Vinlandic Werwolf Distribution titles!!! Other new release promotions!!!



New Webstore updates!!!



– BILSKIRNIR “Wolfswut” ep pro-tape Vinlandic Werwolf Distribution

7 inch ep with material was taken from “Wotansvolk” recording sessions in 2006, now re-issued on pro-tape with an additional bonus song from the same recording sessions, just not previously released.

– BLUTKULT/MALÉFICE “der Geist der Vergangenheit” split pro-tape Vinlandic Werwolf Distribution/Sword Productions

Side A is BLUTKULT’s new mini-album and Side B is MALÉFICE’s live sound board recording from Hot Shower Fest, 2019.

-EISERN 88 “Keep the grail of Aryan Blood” debut demo pro-tape

Debut demo pro-tape from this Super metalic, sharp, and hateful Germanic RAC Hate! Seriously Intense and Intolerant!

– INTERNAL PURGATORY “s/t” demos compilation tape Brotherhood of Light Recordings song sample

Demos compilation tape from this new Australian Misanthropic Black Metal project! Heavy XASTHUR, STRIBORG influences among other. Includes covers of NEGLECT and NAPALM DEATH songs!

– NACHTGEBLÜT “Dying echoes of a past forlorn” full length tape Brotherhood of Light Recordings/ Northern Blood Productions

2017 full length masterpiece from this Argentinian Neo-classical Black Metal project! Highly Recommended!!!  song sample

-TODESSTRAFE “Under the Sign of The Storm” full length pro-tape We Are At War Records/ Vinlandic Werwolf Distribution

2020 full length from this Italian NSBM project!


– OHTAR “Emptiness” full length CD  Lower Silesian Stronghold/ Doomsday Elite/ Vinlandic Werwolf Distribution

New 2019 full length of Polish Alcoholic Hate Black Metal! Very Recommended!!!

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