Webstore Update featuring new selections from Lower Silesian Stronghold, Werewolf Promotion, C.W. Productions, Vinlandic Werwolf Distribution, Doomsday Elite, and Blud Auk!


Here is the huge webstore/distro update. All Cds are 10 usd unless noted and all tapes pro-tapes are 7 usd unless notes


– SEVERE STORM “The Awakening” digipack CD Lower Silesian Stronghold

Amazing new album! Recommended!

– PIAREVARACIEN “Nad krajem Braslauskich Aziorau” full length A5 digipack CD Werewolf Promotion/ Crush the Desert

– DIZZINESS(ITA)“Reroute” CD full length cd Lower Silesian Stronghold

Newest album!

– CROSS OF IRON “In the Steelstorms” full length CD Lower Silesian Stronghold

Side project of Kolan from ANTISEMITEX, BUSTUM, SEVERE STORM

DARK FURY “W.A.R.” CD Lower Silesian Stronghold

2012 full length

– DARK FURY “Semper Fidelis” CD Lower Silesian Stronghold

Compilation of 3 demos,1 split, 1 promo, and some un-released tracks

– DARK FURY “Flooded Lands” CD Lower Silesian Stronghold

Newest full length. Jewelcase edition

– FLAME OF WAR “Long Live Death!” CD Lower Silesian Stronghold/ Werewolf Promotion


– GEIMHRE(CAN) “For the Blood of Hinterland/Cogadh” cd Lower Silesian Stronghold/ Hammer of Damnation

Compilation of 2 demos from this Radikal NSBM!

– GEIMHRE(CAN) “Mollachd” full length CD Lower Silesian Stronghold/ Hammer Of Damnation

Re-issue of full length with bonus songs, only on this newer version!

– HAVOCUM(IRE) “Satans Apogeum” full length CD Lower Silesian Stronghold

Clean and edgy Black Metal featuring one of the members of ODOUR OF DEATH. Recommended!

– KRIGERE WOLF(ITA) “Eternal Holocaust” full length CD Lower Silesian Stronghold

Ep of Italian Black/Death metal with a DISSECTION cover.

– POPRAVA “Supredator” full length CD Lower Silesian Stronghold

Debut full length from this awesome newer project, highly recommended!

– SEVERE STORM/SLAVECRUSHING TYRANT “We Will Drown The Dawn in Blood” split CD Lower Silesian Stronghold/ Werewolf Promotion

Cd version of this awesome split, each project with about 25 minutes of Hate!

– WINDS OF HYPERBOREA/BENARES “Jebac Zycie” split CD Lower Silesian Stronghold

CD version of split featuring P. of DARK FURY, ex-FORLORN WINDS, playing in both projects. BENARES is one of his solo projects and WINDS OF HYPERBOREA is P. and Njord of FLAME OF WAR,SLAVECRUSHING TYRANT, among others. 

– WSCHÓD “Oddalenie” full length CD Lower Silesian Stronghold

WSCHÓD was the first name for this solo project by P., he has more recently changed the name to BENARES.



– GRIZELDA “ A War Drenched in Fantasy” debut demo pro-tape C.W. Productions

Amazing pro-tape release featuring the drummer of CIRRHUS doing his solo project.

– KESTREL “Pessimistic Reveries” demo tape C.W. Productions

First demo from newer side project of guitarist from CIRRHUS

– KESTREL “Primordial Remembrance”  full length pro-tape C.W. Productions

Newest album from newer side project of guitarist from CIRRHUS



– TWO RUNES(Fin) / NOKTURNE / MOHAREBEH / ARYANWÜLF / ORDER OF THE DEATH’S HEAD(Fra) “Ancient Order Eternal” 5 way split CD Lower Silesian Stronghold/ Doomsday Elite

5 way split CD with new and exclusive material from each project.

– ARYAN HAMMER (Fin) “Einsatzkommando Finnland” mCD Sang et Sol Productions

Debut demo of live recording during sometime in 2017. 


– ARYAN BLOOD “Through Struggle to Victory” compilation pro-tape Vinlandic Werwolf Distribution

Compilation pro-tape of eps and splits, previously released only on CD.

– BILSKIRNIR “Dem Feind entgegen” ep pro-tape Vinlandic Werwolf Distribution/ Darkness Attacks

New pro-tape version of this 2011 ep, previously released on Cd by Dark Hidden Productions

– FORLORN WINDS  “Apparitions of The Åsgårdsreien” ep pro-tape Vinlandic Werwolf Distribution

Pro-tape version of this 2018 ep. This version is the 2nd press, which has also been re-mastered since the first press, also has a different cover.Only have 1 left of this right now!

– OHTAR “Emptiness” full length pro-tape Vinlandic Werwolf Distribution/ Lower Silesian Stronghold/ Doomsday Elite

Amazing new album! The insert contains both Polish and English version of track listing and lyrics too! Alcohol drenched Black Metal Hate and Darkness!

– RECLUSE  “The Black Famine” full length+bonus demo pro-tape Vinlandic Werwolf Distribution/ Darkness Attacks

This is the second press of “The Black Famine” demos compilation but this pro-tape version also includes more bonus demo tracks that the first press did not contain.


– HUMAN AGONY “Putrescence of Calvary” debut full length CD Invictus Productions

Debut full length!

– MYSLIWY “Among the Ruins” demo pro-tape Blud Auk

Debut demo tape from this new project of unknown residence

– ULULATUM TOLLUNT “Rehearsal MMXVIII” pro-tape Blue Auk

This Black/Death metal project hails from Tennessee, United States. The first press of this tape was sold on their 2018 tour, and this second press is on pro-dubbed tapes with tape stickers, and to be sold like normal distribution.


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