ASHEN HUSK “All We Hold Sacred” debut demo pro-tape, UNTERBOREA “Forever Departed” demo tape, SURT “Yggdrasil” demo pro-tape, and LLYR “Unic Glew Ysgwyd” debut demo CD are all out now! Webstore Update!

– ASHEN HUSK “All We Hold Sacred” debut demo pro-tape Brotherhood of Light Recordings/ Vinlandic Werwolf Distribution song sample

Debut demo pro-tape, CRG’s newest one-man Heathen Black Metal project. 23 min/ 5 hymns total, the 4 song is an keyboard interlude. 



– UNTERBOREA “Forever Departed” demo tape Brotherhood of Light Recordings song sample

2nd demo tape from this Argentinian Surreal Black Metal project



New Brotherhood of Light Recordings releases from Winter Solace Productions!


– SURT “Yggdrasil” demo pro-tape Thousand Years Empire song sample

Ambient/Guitar-driven Dungeon Synth, featuring CRG and VJC. 8 exclusive/un-released tracks from 2009-2012 era, from the same recording sessions that made the interlude tracks for SUNCHARIOT “Warrior of the Winds” and SVETOVID “Nature’s Fury”. Only recent were these songs found again ,after losing the only master CDr with these hymns on it.

-LLYR “Unic Glew Ysgwyd (Lost and Forgotten) debut demo CD Winter Solace Productions  song sample

Recorded during 2005-2006, “Unic Glew Ysgwyd (Lost and Forgotten)” is the first LLYR recordings.Originally it was going to be released by the same label that did LASCOWIEC’s first 2 demos, but instead it was posted on an online blog. Later in 2012, with a newly designed cover and under the name “Lost and Forgotten”, this debut demo was released on tape by Steel Blazes in Russia, limited to 150. Unfortunately due to CRG’s own problems, Brotherhood of Light never received copies despite the label having tried to stay in contact. Now after many years, about 14 years since it’s inception, “Unic Glew Ysgwyd” is officially out on CD, with a new re-mastered sound thanks to Winter Solace Productions. “Unic Glew Yswgwyd (Lost and Forgotten)” was originally recorded on 4 analog tracks during 2005, then it was brought to comrade in arms, VJC of LASCOWIEC, who did the final production/mix. VJC also composed and recorded the outro for this debut demo. Thanks to all who have supported LLYR since it began. CRG hopes to create more LLYR recordings in the future, and when he does, you will know.


Webstore Updates!


– DIESELDÖRF/ ERCHAMION “Ritualul Antic Al Thuringwethilului” split ep pro-tape Winter Solace Productions  DIESELDÖRF song sample   ERCHAMION song sample

Symphonic/Pagan Black Metal from DIESELDÖRF, featuring members of RMC and EVIL. ERCHAMION play Pagan Black Metal with inspiration from Tolkien.


– HADAK URA/NIEDFRY “Through Battles and Betrayals/Barren Kingdom” split ep pro-tape Worship Tapes NIEDFRY song sample HADAK URA song sample (from debut full length, not this split ep)

2 songs from each project, both play Pagan Vinlandic Black Metal


– KRISTALLNACHT “Warspirit” ep+bonus tracks pro-tape Winter Solace Productions song sample

USA version of this amazing/quintessential French NS Black Metal release.


– SÜDWIND “Südwind” debut full length pro-tape Winter Solace song sample

Fucking Radikal/Epic Venezuelan NSBM, Amazing keyboards! Recorded in Chile for obvious reasons.


– VON HEXE “Ord-O Accusa Cawnaculum” full length pro-tape Winter Solace song sample

Italian Black Metal project featuring Ahrin, who also plays in MALÉFICE and VIA DOLOROSA. 


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