Sept.10th, WUDUWÉSTEN “The Bleak Forest of Sorrow” full length tape and USURPR “Era of Conquest” demo tape are out now and available for purchase!


BHOL47- USURPR “Era of Conquest” demo tape (co-release with Northern Blood Productions)

New death metal project from Rivfader of EINSATZGRUPPEN, SATANIC PROPHECY, WUDUWÉSTEN, and more. 6 songs total/ 2 ARGHOSLENT covers.You tube song sample

BHOL44- WUDUWÉSTEN “The Bleak Forest of Sorrow” full length tape

Older (recorded during 2015) black metal side project of Rivfader’s with a heavy BURZUM influence, death-like/apocalyptic melodies and brute strength/primitive attack. The full length tape has been planned to be released a few different times but unfortunately was postponed for numerous reasons, and now it is finally available.You tube song sample


Both of these 2 new tape releases are available for 6 usd (without shipping). Either send an order request, via email, to: , or to see our webstore, either click the Webstore link (at the top of the blog/homepage where the other page links are) or just click here to go straight to for our Webstore.