Webstore Update: WOLVES EYES “Remembrance of Pagan Heroes” ep digipack CD! New titles from Klaxon Records! more titles from ASTARIUM!!! All available now through webstore for purchase!


New Webstore update:



– WOLVES EYES “Remembrance of Pagan Heroes” ep digipack CD Lower Silesian Stronghold

Ep of 5 new songs, with Grimspirit from EVILFEAST performing session keyboards on the first and last songs. Recommended!!!


– ASTARIUM(RUS)/ ANTIQUUS SCRIPTUM(PORT) “Hymns To The Ancient Northland” split tape Werewolf Promotion

– ASTARIUM “Dethroned Of Imposter” full length tape Wolfrune Worxxx

– ASTARIUM “Ostracism of Anachoret” full length tape Drop of Blood

– ASTARIUM “Atenvx” full length tape Hell Division Productions

– ASTARIUM “Wyrm of Melancholy” full length tape Drop of Blood

– BONE AWL “The Lowest Road” pro-tape Klaxon Records

Advance tracks from 2013, this is the second pressing/run.

– CATACOMB VOICES “s/t” pro-tape Klaxon Records

Fucking amazing guitar/finger work with this Brazilian Black Metal project with touches of RAC. Fucking impressive.

– FURDIDURKE “s/t” C.W. Prod.

First FURDIDURKE tape, If I am not mistaken, with recordings from 2005-2006.

– HELL KONFESSOR “s/t” full length pro-tape Klaxon records

Newest Klaxon release from this Fucking Evil Brazilian Black Metal Insanity. 2 Sides/12 songs in total, with some medieval keyboard interludes to complete this Ancient/Evil sound!


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