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– BHOL 36 SALE FREUX (FRA) “Vindilis” full length pro-tape

This is SALE FREUX’s 6th full length . This pro-tape release is a co-release between Les Créations Clandestines and Brotherhood of Light Recordings. The tape insert contains photos of Belle-Île’s wild coast in grey panoramas taken by Dunkel.
“Thrène” is poem written by Anatole Le Bras (1859-1926) which last strophe has been adapted regarding to Dunkel’s personnal experience. Limited to 100 hand numbered pro-tapes.


– BHOL 40 UNTERBOREA (ARG) “Unreaching Soul” demo tape 

Debut demo tape from new Surreal Black Metal project, UNTERBOREA. Hailing from Argentina the mastermind behind the project, E., also does NACHTGEBLUT, ULFHETHNAR, and did CAMPO DE MAYO, PERMAFROST, along with session drums in a few other projects over the years. This is the first of 2 demo tapes that mark the beginning of this project, and with this kind of strong beginning, one could/would only expect great things from this new project. Limited to 100 hand numbered tapes.


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