Coming soon! Pre-order requests welcome!


All 4 titles were released on WALPURGISNACHT, April 30th, 2019 in Poland, and will available soon in USA through Brotherhood of Light Recordings. Pre-order requests are welcome.

SUNCHARIOT “Bone Harvester” full length tape is a co-release between Brotherhood of Light Recordings and Werewolf Promotion. Limited to 500 copys, this is SUNCHARIOT’s fifth full length.

WANGELEN/SUNCHARIOT “Lunar Misanthropy” split tape is also limited to 500 copys, with about 25 mins from both projects. WANGELEN are from Chile and play Pagan Black Metal with symphonic/orchestral back bone. SUNCHARIOT plays Vinlandic Heathen Black Metal with material from, “Swirling Sunwheels of Everlasting Life” and “The Path of Desolation” recording sessions, and exclusive to the first song, session drums by I.

SVETOVID “Waiting for the End” double tape is limited to 100 copys. The art from the cd version is slightly altered for this double tape version and comes in a pro-printed double tape slip case.

PANZERJAGER/COSMIC BREATH/WORLDSCAPE:18 3 way split tape is limited to 288 copys. As each track plays, (this recording) switches between each of these 3 projects, attacking the listener left and right, going from militant black metal, to harsh industrial noise and back to noisey black metal, then circling back to militant black metal, starting the whole process again. This tape is a piece of real underground Vinlandic Dark Arts. All music exclusive to this tape.