VON HEXE/FAUSTGEIST “Metaphysics of Will” split pro-tape out now! and EINSATZGRUPPEN demo tapes 1 and 2! IUDAEORUM MORTEM “Total War Worship” pro-tapes!!

VONHEXEFAUSTGEIST.flyer.jpegThese titles are now available for purchase:


– EINSATZGRUPPEN “Krieger in Eine Neue Ara” demo tape Winter Solace

2nd demo from the Vinlandic NSBM project

– EINSATZGRUPPEN “Perseverance OF Our Folk” demo tape Winter Solace

1st demo from the Vinlandic NSBM project

– IUDAEORUM MORTEM “Total War Worship” demo pro-tape Winter Solace

New Polish NSBM act!

– VON HEXE(Italy)/FAUSTGEIST(Chile) “Metaphysics of Will” split pro-tape Winter Solace

Each project with about 15 minutes of Aryan Black Metal. Both of these projects have kept me coming back for more with each recording I heard, my appreciation for them growing with each listen. Highly Recommended!Ā 

Tapes are 6 usd, and Pro-tapes are 7usd.

Email order requests to: crg.bhol@yahoo.com

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