March 21st. Distro Update from Vinlandic Werwolf Distribution!

Now available are the following pro-tape releases from Vinland Werwolf Distribution.



-BILSKIRNIR “In Solitary Silence” pro-tape Vinlandic Werwolf Distribution

“Basically it can be seen as the missing link between “Wotansvolk” and “Wotan Redivivus”..” quoted by Widar in the tape’s liner notes. Music recorded in 2009/2010. Vocals made in September 2018

-DARK FURY “Flooded Lands” pro-tape Doomsday Elite

Newest full length, recorded in 2018. Vinlandic Version of this release.

-DER STURMER “Bloodsworn II ( The Second Decade)” pro-tape Darkness Attack Records/ Vinlandic Werwolf Distribution

Eps and splits compilation from the last decade!

 – EINGAR “Luminous Hues Adorn the Grey”/ ENDSIEG “Twilight of Aryan Consciousness ” split pro-tape Aryan Axis

Brand new split ep from these Vinlandic NSBM Warriors!

-NOKTURNE “Kruelty Kampaign” pro-tape Hypgnosis Records/ Self Sacrifice Records

2018 pro-tape version of their 3rd full length, recorded in 2004. 1 copy left!

-NOKTURNE/ MALEFICE “Die Welt gehört Uns!!!” pro-tape Hypgnosis Records/ Self Sacrifice Records

Tape version of split with bonus tracks!!!

 -MALEFICE/ CELTIC DANCE “Thulean Seekers” split ep pro-tape Vinlandic Werwolf Distribution/ Blood Oath Distribution

Pro-tape version of brand new split. Bonus tracks from both projects!