Monday,March 4th, 2019, Distro Update from Dark Hidden Prod. and Southern Plague of Argentina!!!

Greetings all Supporters!!!

Brotherhood of Light Recordings is proud to announce this distro update from Southern Plague and Dark Hidden Production, which includes copys of NACHTGEBLUT “Dying Echoes of a Past Forlorn” cd, the most recent opus/ release (2017) from the people behind Dark Hidden, who are known for their unrelenting/ amazing NS and Heathen Black Metal from the South!!! “Dying Echoes of a Past Forlorn” is part of my top 5 favorite full lengths of 2017, a true Southern Neoclassical NSBM masterpiece; majestic, intense, and emotional epics(songs) intertwined with interludes driving this timeless journey to and from the ancients, with only echoes of those far gone and also mourning, utilizing different kinds of keyboards, acoustic instruments, and the quintessential classical instrument, the upright piano. This epic won’t be forgotten. NACHTGEBLUT !!!True Southern NS Black Metal Attack! NACHTGEBLUT features members of FUROR, ULFHETHNAR, and CAMPO DE MAYO.

Along with the newest NACHTGEBLUT cd, we also received the newest opus from Southern Plague label, VRILDOM “Terra Australis Ignota”cd, which features members BLIZZARD, STOLZKRIEG, and more. We highly recommend both of these new full length cds, these projects are two of the strongest NS projects from the South!

We also received a few more more copys of LASCOWIEC “Frostwinds of the Apocalypse”cd, along with a few more titles from Dark Hidden and Southern Plague, here is the complete distro update:


– ALOCER 88 “Hyperborean Memories” full length CD Southern Plague

– CALIGULA “Viene dentro de la fria niebla” full length CD Southern Plague

– LASCOWIEC “Frostwinds of the Apocalypse” full length CD Dark Hidden

– NACHTGEBLUT “Dying Echoes of a Past Forlorn” full length CD Dark Hidden

– ULFHETHNAR “Reawakening the Wraith of Yore” full length CD Dark Hidden

-VRILDOM “Terra Australis Ignota” full length CD Southern Plague


CDs are 10 usd(without shipping). Please send all order requests to: