Distro Update: A.M.F. Productions

5 more tape releases are available for purchase on the Mail-order Distro page, from After Many Funerals Productions of Bulgaria


– FUNERAL FOREST(FRA/BUL) / RAVAGAR(NETHERLANDS)Der Anfang des Hasses und des Übels” split tape

– HAKENKREUZ NOKTURNA(ITALY) “Eternal Introspective Winter” compilation tape

– INMITTEN DES WALDES(BRAZIL) “Traum und Sehnsucht” compilation tape

– URUK HAI(AUS) / SYMBIOSIS(ITALY) “United/ Symbiosis” split tape

– VVRIKA / TWILIGHT / RAVAGAR / DWARKA(NETHERLANDS) “Thinking Feeling Willing” 4 way split tape


Each tape is 6 usd without shipping. Send order requests to: