Distro update:Winter Solace Productions

All below Winter Solace releases are now available for purchase through Brotherhood of Light Mail-order Distro Store page. End of Year sale is over and there are no more sales at the moment, but expect a very big distro update from Werewolf Promotion in the next week or two along with all the most recent releases from Brotherhood of Light projects on Werewolf Promotion. Also another distro update with new A.M.F. titles should be posted very soon also.


– Jugra “Jugra” cd

– Jugra “Alif Ba Ta” pro-tape

– Wiking1940 “Destruction Of Dresden” pro-tape

– Einsatzgruppen “Sworn To Blood” pro-tape

– Hassiem “Pancea For A Cursed Race” pro-tape

– Jugra/Maharlikan Konektion “Malayan Nusantara Maharlikan Unity” pro-tape

– Jugra/Totenkopf “Bonded by Iron Blood & Iron Will” tape

– Faustgeist “Archeorancidity” tape

– Cosmic Weapon Of Thule/Ra-Goa’ uld “Space Is The Place For The Aryan Race” tape

– Ra-Goa’ uld “Talbet Tok Ra” tape

– Weisse Terror tape


CDs= 10 usd, PRO-TAPEs= 7 usd, and TAPEs= 6usd

send all order requests to crg.bhol@yahoo.com