New releases from COSMIC BREATH and SURT thanks to Winter Solace Productions!

Thanks to Winter Solace Productions, COSMIC BREATH is proud to announce the release of their 2nd full length “the pull on the line taking us all away”, on tape and pro-cdr and split tape with FAUSTGEIST. Here is small description for “the pull on the line taking us all away”,

“This full length “The Pull On The Line Taking Us All Away” is a deep blackened noise dirge that will challenge and enchant the listener. This is not a black metal album, nor really is it in the traditional sense a Noise or Power Electronics album as the point of this is not so much annihilate the listener as it is to suspend them into a unique and bizarre void.”

SURT is proud to announce a 3-way split tape release with JUGRA and COSMIC WEAPON OF THULE, entitled “Evisceration Of Sino Pseudo-Reality”. Each band with about 10-15 min of music. Here is description,

“Jugra, as a musical entity is evolving into one of NS black metal’s most unique acts, becoming something that is truly original and forging new pathways into uncharted territory. As can be evident by the other projects on this split tape, this is an entirely neo-folk/industrial recording. While making other releases in black metal & RAC, this marks the first Jugra release playing traditional folk tunes from their region of Malaysia. North American & European record stores call this “World Music” however the direction here is definitely folk/traditional in nature.

The Cosmic Weapon of Thule tracks are remakes of various Irish/American folk songs/IRA battle cries. While I explored these types of sounds with the Vinland Special Services project, I desire as become better at making music to rework some of these as things that are more recognizable as sounds, rather then Outsider Power Electronics. One original track paying tribute to the folklore of an area of Wisconsin I used to have to travel to for work was also made as an intro to one of the songs. This CwoT release is different from the others in the discography as it is completely devoid of the NS Techno chauvinism.

Within the Brotherhood of Light collective, Surt has always been the most overlooked out of all that is there as it is not metal music. Ambient/Folk acoustic music that veers into Dungeon Synth territory on a few occasions. This material was recorded around the same time frame/sessions as the first two demos before the split with Uruk-Hai.”


All 3 releases will be available for purchase in the next week or two. Check back to see availability. Here are sample you tubes with 1 song from each band from the 3-way split “Evisceration Of Sino Pseudo-Reality”.