Pre-orders for new LASCOWIEC cds and all new Werewolf Prom. releases of Brotherhood of Light projects!

Greetings Supporters!

We are now accepting pre-orders for the following items,

-SUNCHARIOT “The Path Of Desolation” tape
-SUNCHARIOT “Songs of the Past from Beyond” tape
-PANZERJAGER “The Will to Survive” tape
-PANZERJAGER “Nuclear Streets!” tape
-LLYR “Revolution Tides” tape
-HAAR “Betrayal of the Blood” tape

-LASCOWIEC “A Warcry Rises Above the Frozen Lands” cd
-LASCOWIEC “Isolation” cd
-LASCOWIEC “Winds of Victory” cd
-LASCOWIEC “Survival” cd

CDs=10 usd, TAPEs=6usd

All orders will receive a conformation email, with the list of items, a total, and directions for payment through PayPal.  We should be able to start shipping these pre-orders by mid- January.


Send pre-order/email requests to:

Include list of items and shipping address.lascowiec flyer