Last Chance!


Just found a few copys of SVETOVID “Nature’s Fury” tape and a few more copys of PANZERJAGER “S/T” tape. They are definitely the last copys. If interested place orders through,

Also, sorry to say, but SIRIUS/COSMIC BREATH split tape is officially sold out. Winter Solace Productions should still have a few copies. Klaxon Records and Nuclear War Now! will both have 5 copys each also, within a month or 2. So check with any of these labels to get your copy before they are all gone! Links for each label on the links page.

SVETOVID will be releasing their 3rd album, “Waiting for the End”, recorded in 2013(except for one track, “The Crisis”, recorded in 2018), under the Banner of Werewolf Promotion and France d’Oil Prod.!!! Both a double cd version and a double tape with slipcase will be released this Winter!

LASCOWIEC will be releasing cd versions of last their last 4 epic full lengths of true Vinlandic Dark Arts, “Winds of Victory”, “A Warcry Rises Above the Frozen Lands”, “Survival”, and “Isolation”, also under the Great Banner of Werewolf Promotion! Planned release time… also this Winter!

Expect at least 4 new tape releases from Brotherhood of Light, also this Winter!!!