Distro update. 8 new available tapes from Rites for Immortality and After Many Funerals Productions of Bulgaria!!!



From R.F.I. and A.M.F. we have 8 new tapes available,

– FORESTDOME (Spain)”forestthrone” compilation tape A.M.F. Prod.

– FUNEREAL MOON (Mexico)”Beneath the Cursed Light of a Spectral Moon” compilation tape Rites for Immortality

– GNIEU (Belarus) “Dein” full length tape A.M.F. Prod./ Voices Defying Death

No Description Necessary!

– MOVIMENTO D’AVANGUARDIA ERMETICO (Italy) “Alle frontiere dell’ Anima” ep tape A.M.F. Prod.

– NAMTAR (Italy)”De Morte” compilation tape Rites for Immortality

– PERTERRICREPUS (Slovakia)” The Dark Age of the Carpathia” full length tape A.M.F. Prod.

– WANGELEN (Chile) “El camino pagano” compilation tape A.M.F. Prod.

RECOMMENDED! Chilean Folk Black Metal with orchestral intros,outros and extremely talented musicianship and production. This tape has 2 full lengths on it, side A holding “El camino del creator” created in 2010. Side B holding “La Rise Pagana”, created in 2008.

– YAMATU “Shurpu Asaru” compilation tape Rites for Immortality

Vinlandic Occult Black Metal, compilation of their recordings, dating back to the 90s.