Available now! LLYR/LOST split ep mc, and COSMIC BREATH “Becoming the Shadows” debut full length mc!

As Indian summer begins in San Francisco, a general feeling of disgust as another dirge(day) is done and Brotherhood of Light is proud to officially release these monuments of hate:

-LLYR/LOST split ep tape
Both projects are solo black metal projects, each project, separately, executing 1 ominous intro and 1 epic song of misanthropy, hate, suicide, pain, and love. Members of LASCOWIEC,SVETOVID,SUNCHARIOT… Originally printed in small amount with slightly different cover. The main image, used for both covers,  is a painting by GHOUL. This tape is limited to 100 units.

-COSMIC BREATH “Becoming the Shadows” debut full length tape

Finally this release has officially released. A few copies with same cover but different insert designs were sold/traded, but never properly distributed. So after reprinting the inserts, this is finally available. 41 minutes equaling 2 sides aka 6 hymns of hate filled, soul-sucking dirge/industrial heathen noise. Limited to 75 units


Each tape is 6USD without shipping. email :


for orders. Pay pal is only payment method,unless we meet in person. this only applies to people in Bay Area. Please include your address when ordering, to calculate shipping.