Sunchariot “Warrior of the Winds” is finally out!!!



Sunchariot “Warrior of the Winds” first full length! After along time of working through too many songs and too much overdone artwork, the prize is this amazing cd, I so happy for Sunchariot and myself, because this is truely a great achievement. Salutations go out to WS from Winter Solace Productions for being so patient through out this whole process.


Along with this  there will be some official new release  anouncements that involve a unreleased Lascowiec known as “Isolation” and also “Survival”, to amazing albums that are completely different then every other Lascowiec. Along with that we have a Lascowiec side-project in the midst, Vanaheimr, with their first demo “One Great Day” to be going to printing plant soon.


So as I say keep your eyes open and ears to the ground, there is alot of stuff in the works.




It took its time but now it is here. Pro cd and pro mc available now.