These releases are still available, and along with that Domus Mactibilus “Voyage” is now available officially.

After long thought the idea of throwing away such an awesome recording just made no sense, so again these releases are all still/now available,

BHOL 22 Vinland Special Services “Cemetery Without Crosses” mc

BHOL 23 VInland Special Services/Cosmic Breath “Hanoi Hilton/ Five Pointed Snow Mound” mc

BHOL 28 Domus Mactibilus “Voyage” mc

BHOL 30 Cosmic Breath/Worldscape:18 “For Whites Only!”mc

BHOL 37 Lost/Lllr split mc

And alot of releases are being finshed up as we speak so stay on the look out, there are alot of updates to happen soon!