After almost 3-4 years of differentr planning the first epic (full length) from Sunchariot is out now, on their label Winter Solace Productions! here is alittle description written from Winter Solace to give you the un-bias description,

“Solace102 & SolaceCD003 – Sunchariot “Warrior of the Winds”

The Brotherhood of Light have become the US living reincarnation of Blazebirth Hall. Bands such as Lascowiec, Svetovid, Sunchariot, Surt, Cosmic Breath & their numerous others have taken the sound and influence of Forest, Branikald, Nitberg & company to the modern era of underground music. Sunchariot is the solo black metal project from one of the individuals behind the movement, and this pro tape/CD album is a pillar in the stronghold they have built. The BBH trademarks have been mixed in with influences from some of the more moody USBM hordes Agalloch, I Shalt Become, Falls of Rauros and to a degree Xasthur & Levianthan. A complex and haunting listen that is a look into the deranged mind of a patriot, a self portrait of madness and possibly the first and only American Nationalist black metal band. Winter Solace is proud to showcase this to the world, and march forward into a new era. Essential for fans of BBH, Agalloch, Darkthule, Zgard, Na Rasputje, Lascowiec, Pagan Hellfire & numerous others. A masterpiece of both perfection and imperfection that is both forward and backward in time.”

And yes along with it being on pro-cd, it is also out on blue pro-tape.

Since they are pro-tape they will be priced at 6 usd and the cds are the same price as the other cds, 10 usd.