Back from Beyond….

After a long month or two of pain, turmoil, general shit, I have gotten everything back that I had lost. The summer is always a shitty time, everything seems so happy go lucky but truely it is the abyssic void I would rather avoid at this stage in my life.

Brotherhood of Light moves on… So to begin this I have a new update from one of Russia’s most prolific and cosmic dark artists,  Sivyi Yar. The package included a compilation, cds, and some pre -acked tapes. All of these can be found in the distro page along with alot of stuff that i either forgot to update or just forgot I added.


Domus Mactibilus “Voyage” is now available!!! After taking some time to think, I thought it would be crazy to not put out something that me and the rest of the band had worked on for so  long, so I give you DOMUS MACTIBILUS “VOYAGE”, sound clip will be added to our You Tube Channel, hopefully later tonight.


More updates coming soon!!