Found Stock, Sold Out Stock, and Changes…

July 12, 2013


This has been the craziest month of my life, the last month of my 27th year of live, in the recent years I thought that my birthday will  be just another day closer to death, but this year I will actually celebrate my birthday. The reason for this because I never liked birthdays since my parents would always just get me drunk, so eventually getting drunk on birthday just remined me of puking in the toilet. So this birthday I am going to have a small noise show, I just need a venue, and I want to have a bbq because I have 5 friends with same birthdays surrounding 16-19th. If you know a venue or your house, the show should be on JULY 18th during the day or evening not too late so that anything gets shut down, now their no rules as far as where we could play this show could move after one song. email this for any questions at any time. Oh yeah I will be 28, no more 27 club jokes,( haha, I guess)

Cosmic Breath will be playing a medly of styles from the their Noisey Black Metal without care for Politcal Correctness to the Industrial Hate machine/Concrete paver brain drainagry. All other projects to be anounced….


Before I get in the heavy stuff,

Lascowiec “Gunshots Ring Out Over Vinland Streets..” mc   (SOLD OUT)

is sold out completely, The few copies we found here at the BHOL Towers was just lucky and rad, but without regret this wont be reprinted no matter what, and the ones that were found were actually from the first batch of the original tapes. On a lighter note, there have been some

Svetovid “Valhallan Dreams” mc (FEW IN STOCK! SURPRIZE!)

popping up out of nowhere, I think I found 4-6 copies, get them while you can, and the cd version has been designed and will be out sometime before Winter, so you could wait till then or get one of the last copies from the band.




Next topic!!!!


Rent in San Francisco, California is the biggest basterd baby alive! Just trying to find affordable housing for family and myself, both being extremely broke, has become more than a struggle. More and more people that I knew at different times in my life are settling up and down the street using sleeping bags undernieth awnings and what not to keep cover from the rain. San Francisco has the become worst place for the Blue Collar Man, a city once built by Irisah sailers not just over populated and left to compensate for the  “liberal” consumer computer super basterd babies. Note to anyone who has thought about moving here, DOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOTTTTTT!!!!!!! for anyone in their right mind or anyone who wanted to have a “right” mind, San Francisco will drain your soul

The main problem here is that thousands of Native San Franciscans or  just generally hard working Whites, and Yes some of the Latino racial profile, which  are both working but rent has gone up so high because the immigrants will work for cheaper while with out the chance of jobs there is still the case  of rent in general taking literally at least, two months just to pay for one months rent, not including food and life expenses.

Time to make a shack behind a farm and live off the land.