Voices Defying Death,LLYR/LOST and more…

First off, We have another update!

Pure madness at the BHOL Stronghold…. We just recieved a pack from Voices Defying Death, new label from Argentina, run by the dark artist behind Viento Patagonico, who you might know of through Winter Solace, whom releases 4 different demos…in the form of 3 mcs, to my best knowledge.

Voices Defying Death with a great start, their first 4 releases I have recieved being very inspired. And obvious time and

heart spent putting them together, from the music to the packaging.

DEFIANCE 01-Caligula “Gritos del Sur”

DEFIANCE 02-Gnieu “Dein”

DEFIANCE 03-Flamen “Supremo Die”

Both DEFIANCE 02-03 were co-released with After Many Funerals, run by Alexander from Aryan Art and vocalist in Flamen.

Along with these items I also recieved,

Frost “Hope?” pro-mc

Viento Patagonico “Taking Roots in Grief” mc

Along with that there is some interesting news from Brotherhood of Light Stronghold and that is a new Mc split featuring two of the oldest BHOL bands, LLYR and LOST. Both containing brand new songs from each project.

LLYR being a project with few releases that were re-issued recently, LOST being a project that never released anything

under their name til now, while making music for the last 10 years at least. Both projects with a more misanthropic

approach but not straying away from the true spirit of the Ancients!

BHOL 37 LLYR/LOST split mc

will be available at the end of the week. General updates about all new Brotherhood of Light releases will follow this posting in the next few days, with a few new artists joining the ranks.

Again keeps your eyes open and ears to the floor…