From now til June 5, there is no postage necessary if you order this special pack.

United States only, sorry all our friends outside of the United States, but if you are interested in the package deal, please inquire, the onyl extra cost for out of the United States will be the register fee plus a packing fee which does vary depending on where you live.

This special package deal includes, 4 tapes and 4 buttons for the great price of 20 usd . The point of the sale is that no postage is necessary.


BHOL 07 Cosmic Breath 88 “The Stench of Life” mc

BHOL 08 Sunchariot “Sun Cross( Blood Honor and Strength)” mc

BHOL 09 Cosmic Breath/ Sirius split mc

BHOL 10 Haar “Sky of Grey” mc

BHOL 14 Domus Mactibilus  ”Domus Mactibilus” mc

BHOL 16 Worldscape:18 “Hunter” mc


Lascowiec “Frostwinds of the Apocalypse”  Dark Hidden Productions cd

Lascowiec “Unbroken Spirit” Werewolf Promotions 139/Hammerbund 21 mc

Lascowiec “Unbroken Spirit” Werewolf Promotions cd

Lascowiec/Marblebog/Verzivator “Deep Horizens of Eternity” mc

Gnieu/Lascowiec “In the Blizzards Rage”A.M.F 055/ WS115/WW130 mc