May 23, 2013

Many changes including some re-issues/remastered versions of LLYR albums, now both are out. Also both Vinland Special Services “Cemetery Without Crosses” mc and Vinland Special Services/Cosmic Breath “Hanoi Hilton/Five Pointed Snow Mound” mc are also officially out. To say things have been easy at the Bunker is not true, it has been an uphill battle but We always prevail.

That being said there is still some new releases on the horizons, including Lascowiec “Frostwinds of the Apocalypse” mc, Svetovid “Nature’s Fury” mc, and Boreal Wind “Ultima Thule” mc, all co-released with Werewolf Promotions.

Along with that the release of Sunchariot “Warrior of the Winds” is almost here!! Mc and Cd to be out very soon!

More releases in the works, along with a huge update from in the next week or two.