Update May 5th 2013

LLYR ” UNDYING SOILDER”, a collection of songs from different basically unreleased( they were released in amounts of 50 or less, and not enough distro leads me to decide to put this out. It’s from a BHOL member’s old solo project (on the more depressive misanthropic style of Black Metal

SUNCHARIOT/SIVYI YAR mc is finishing up its recordings and track listing, while art is made to reflect the feeling of stand still that life has taken, a sad turn for pathetic boring people with no culture. Our world has gone to shit but we dont have to join in on this charade.

New SVETOVID album, is being worked on with a new member, so look forward to that.

What was originally COSMIC BREATH 88 is now HAAR, and COSMIC BREATH is a noise project. The last noise aaaaannnd bm mc from COSMIC BREATH, will be a split with VINLAND SPECIAL SERVICES, proud supporter of Brotherhood of Light as we are proud supporters of WINTER SOLACE PRODUCTIONS.

HAAR now finishing what has been a 3 year long albums of destruction. From crumbling religious monuments, and the fires inside them comes HAAR “In Times of Loss, We Rebuild!” mc,


Keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground, there is alot more to come.


Also last but not least, now accepting demo submissions. yes that sounds crazy but I want to hear all the sounds of the north to the south, specifically Black Metal, Noise( all kinds), and Techno/Gabber.



Regards from Brotherhood of Light