News as of the last days of 2012 for the Brotherhood of Light,

Upcoming releases/ releases on other labels from BHOL bands are being planned, and design about half is done.

Surt is on hold, til the summer.

Sunchariot  however, after putting out “Suncross (Blood Honor and Strength) is working on art for upcoming debut album on Winter Solace,

Sunchariot “Warriors of the Winds” pro-tape/ cd Winter Solace Productions.

Cosmic Breath 88 is all over the place, with a split tape in the works with new BHOL band Sirius, another industrial noise project. From the depths of Texas, lost in emotionledsdthought in California.

Lascowiec is unrelenting, I will leave it at that.

Svetovid is finishing artwork for ” Nature’s Fury” Digi 6 pg. cd on Hammerbund. Tape to be put out also on, on Werewolf Promotions/Hammerbund/ Brotherhood of Light. CD first then tape.

Solo project of N.K.,member of Cosmic Breath 88, Haar has a demo coming out asap. Haar “Sky of Grey” will be out mid January 2013. This release has been on hold due to lack on money and general time.

Last but not least

There are a few different projects. splits in the works by friends and brothers in different lands,

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