BHOL 01 Surt-”Muspellsheimr” mc (out of stock)

BHOL 02 Surt “Ragnorak” mc (out of stock)

BHOL 03 Sunchariot “Climbing the Avalanche” mc (out of stock)

BHOL 04 Uruk hai/ Surt split mc

BHOL 05 Brotherhood of Light Compilation mc

(Aryan Art, Svetovid, Surt, Uruk Hai,Vinland SS, Lord Foul, Lascowiec, Sunchariot, Cosmic Breath 88)

BHOL 06 Cosmic Breath 88″Cosmic Breath 88″ mc (out of stock)

BHOL 07 Cosmic Breath 88 “The Stench of Life” mc

BHOL 08 Sunchariot “Sun Cross( Blood Honor and Strength)”mc

BHOL 09 Cosmic Breath/ Sirius split mc

BHOL 10 Haar “Sky of Grey” mc

Releases for BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT bands by Supporting Labels

Svetovid “Valhallen Dreams” Werewolf Promotions 140/Hammerbund 22 mc (out of stock)

Lascowiec “Unbroken Spirit” Werewolf Promotions 139/Hammerbund 21 mc (out of stock)

Lascowiec “Unbroken Spirit” Werewolf Promotions cd

Gnieu/Lascowiec “In the Blizzards Rage”A.M.F 055/ WS115/WW130 mc

Coming soon.

BHOL11  Svetovid “Valhallan Dreams”split release with Werewolf Promotions.


BHOL13 Cosmic Breath “Crumbling Monuments of Religious Importance and Ashes of Their Followers” mc (t.b.a.)

BHOL 15 Lascowiec T.B.A. mc only ( mid 2013)

Svetovid “Nature’s Fury” Hammerbund cd ,  Werewolf Promotions/BHOL/ Hammerbund mc (t.b.a.)

Sunchariot “Warrior of the Winds” Winter Solace pro-tape/cd(t.b.a.)

Panzerjager mc Werewolf Promotions

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